who the heck?

As a I get to feel a lot about you,

I guess, it is only fair to give some insights about who I am and what the heck made me go this way. 


I am outside as often as I can, walking through woods and over mountains, along the coasts or just right into the bushes (oh yes, I got lost a lot).

Being out and about on my own or with my favourite person (aka Partner) is one of my favourite activities. 


A long hike in nature can be a challenge and hard before arriving with a feeling of being happy to have walked this way.

In the same way it took me a lot of experimenting, trial and error to feel connected with life, others and myself.

I lost my parents early in life. The loss and emptiness inside created a huge feeling of unchangeable pain. I did not like it. The pain I saw and felt around and inside. 


I think it was this unchangeable aspect of feeling pain that I did not (want to) accept. It pushed me and my stubbornness to explore all impossible senses and non-senses to make sense of, and hopefully be able ease pain. 

It has been ever since a journey of quite extraordinary, unusual happenings and doings that I engaged and took part in.

I will refrain from listing all the single events. There are many. Meaningful from the inside.

“Going deep” is what has brought the most changes.

Some of what I found started to take roots and bear fruits. 

Those are things which have helped me and which I see working for others.

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At age 18, I spent two years in India planting trees and caring for the sick. One day it was me who got really sick.

I was up in the northern mountains then. I met some people there (I referred to them as the weirdest cookies I ever met) who helped me to recover. I remember being quite feverish, when they did an oracle thingie. One sentence stayed with me, which for sure did not make any sense to me then: 

“I will bring something to the world with my hands and voice”. 

(By the way I love cookies and I think I am a weird cookie myself).

That time I tried to understand life just with my head (a dear friend named me “philosophical activist”) ending up that “actually, I do not understand (anything much at all)”.

The sentence came back many years later of

“Oh, interesting! I remember someone telling me I would do that”.

And it is what I came to appreciate and love the most in life:

(physical) touch and communication. 

Two things which helped me to find meaning and change of perspective and agency in life.

Touch became gradually more and more relevant:

I was lucky to meet and be with amazing people with incredible skills in this realm.

I learned from them, and above all I was hugely inspired by the way they were connecting with others and connected to life. 

However, the biggest lesson I got was by one of them. Someone I admired tremendously for his work. In one conversation he told me to actually “go and practice”.

Saying he would not teach me anything, but I would learn best by doing it.

If that was the only advice he could give me, I thought, then I will go and practice as much as I can. 

For sure, I learned many techniques over the years. 

Yet, I guess the most I learned was and is by practicing.


One aspect that stayed rather vague was the connection to the voice:

the verbal realm.

The bodywork I engaged in was a silent language which I enjoyed for the depth and quiet power. 

Eventually, it slowly became clear that there was something about what happened implicitly during a bodywork session that more and more wanted to find an explicit expression .  

People would somehow feel something, touch places or qualities, journey through mental, physical, emotional landscapes through sessions.

A lot would be moved.

Following with awareness what one feels and making attempts to put into words is powerful and helpful.

Making the implicit explicit brings clarity, causes us to align with ourselves

and gain strength to live the life we want. 

Slowly, I figured ways which worked for me to use "dialogue" to support,

so that physical, mental and emotional (you can add "energetic" here, if it works for you)

parts could ease and release.

I started to combine my meditation practice and body-psychotherapeutic studies with my massage practice.

I realised I find answers when I am able to go and be in touch deep inside. 

This going deep inside with our individual experience can be enabled through awareness, touch and dialogue.

It is a way I honour for it's beauty and freedom it gives to people following that path. 

I help by giving support, guidance and company to enable being deeply in touch with yourself. 

I believe everybody has this wonderful door to step into.

A door which opens into a space inside where we feel connected and find answers to our problems, know what we want and like and to live our lives as we wish to live them. 

It is of course not an easy hike and there will be rough rocks to climb, sometimes strong currents to cross and also will we not always know where we will arrive.


But it is beautiful to walk a path of true and authentic life.

I am fluent in German, English, French (and Italian super Beginner's Level :-) )


  • Bachelor of Science Komplementärmedizin

  • Heilpraktiker (Health Practitioner)

  • Massagetherapist

  • Bodypsychotherapist

  • Yogateacher

  • NVC 


  • Shiatsu

  • Swedish Massage 

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Deep Tissue 

  • Triggerpoints

  • Mediation Practice

  • Focusing Training


  • CHIROHOUSE - Berlin, Germany since 2018

  • SELF-INDEPENDANT in own practice - Berlin, Germany, since mid 2015 

  • QUIET - Auroville, India 2014/2015

  • YASURAGI - Stockholm, Sweden 2014

  • OLIVIN - Berlin, Germany 2013


Urbanstraße 29 A

10969 Berlin - Kreuzberg


Steinstraße 37 

10119 Berlin - Mitte



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