Tuning into the tissues of our bodies and giving the right pressure, movement and length - eases and frees densed areas.

The Massage Work I offer blends different techniques: deep and precise. 

It puts you back into your center,

releases whats not needed and 

invites a sense of quiet and joy to settle into.


To (really) get in touch with what we think/feel/sense, we need to carefully attend our experience on a deeper level. Our mental and emotional nature is, like our body, physical. 

Connecting with all those layers allows to get into touch with the whole experience we sense about something.

It gives insights into problems, issues or just to see how we really are . It helps to move forward in life with a real sense of what matters.


Online & PHONE

Obviously, any session including Touch can only happen In Person. 
The Focusing sessions however can happen online or on the phone. 

My experience is, that deep sensing through being able to concentrate just on the auditory allows sometimes even a deeper dive cause there is less distraction with visuals or other sense doors. 

Being a big fan of in person sessions, I am an equal big fan of this format as the results are for some just even sometimes stronger. Plus the convenience of having a session wherever you are.

BOOking & Voucher


Touch + Focusing



if you have a private or supplementary insurance

your insurance can cover about 80%. 

Invoices are according to the Gebührenordnung für Heilpraktiker '85





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